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Amazing medical art by Jacob Escott


Graphic Teaching Resource




Artist: Jacob Escott, De Montfort University graduate.

Level: For all to enjoy!

OER Features:

Acrylic work 1

Acrylic work 2

Acrylic work 3

OER Description:

These three resources are free to view under Creative Commons “BY NC ND” since we would like to prevent derivatives of the work to respect the original intention of the artist. OER were shared originally on  26/7/11.

We were always so thrilled to have students contributing to the SCOOTER project, and none less so than art student Jacob Escott. When I first met Jacob and he explained how he loved to illustrate the human body, I had no idea what he would then go on and produce for our open education projects. When I saw the finished work I was astounded. Jacob’s work went on to inspire the colour schemes for our OERs and websites, and soon became the recognisable FACE for the project. He produced artwork for a subsequent project called ‘Biology Courses‘.

Jacob now has his own ART and DESIGN business that can be visited online.

As part of Jacob’s final year dissertation he produced further medical illustrations based around SCOOTER. This is a great example of how INVOLVING STUDENTS in OPEN EDUCATION enriches not just the resources being produced, but the work and experience of the student.


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