Copyright & Take-Down

The project has endeavoured to ensure that the appropriate permissions have been gathered for the sharing of the open educational resources (OERs). Through the development of the project, the team have complied with the legal guidance provided by the ‘Jisc OER Infokit’.

For the purposes of this guidance, ‘open’ refers to materials released under a Creative Commons (CC) licence. In making these resources ‘open’ we are making them freely available to the public. Using our ‘OER production pipeline‘, we ensure that new resources produced for the project are all copyright checked with appropriate permissions gained, and any pre-existing materials are also thoroughly provenance-checked and third party materials are removed.

Who owns the copyright?

All the materials, images and audio files that you see is owned by the organisation that produced them. Most of the resources are therefore copyright of De Montfort University, but others, where specified, were provided in collaboration, and remain the ownership of, the Leicester Royal Infirmary, Northampton General Hospital, the University of Derby, or by individuals with an interest in sickle cell who wished to be involved in the project.

So how can I use the OERs?

Part of the process of sharing all these resources involved gaining the relevant permissions to do so from those contributing. Therefore, this website and all its contents are covered by an open licence called Creative Commons. There are six levels of license and we have chosen ‘CC BY-SA 2.0 Generic‘.

This means:

BY – you can download the resource or use it straight from the web page but you must attribute the SCOOTER project. This is so other people can know where you got it from. e.g. just write “SCOOTER project,”

SA – stands for share alike. You can repurpose the resource, crop images, edit videos, but we ask you to share them back via or email them to us to share.

Take-down policy

Should you wish to challenge any items of content, or wish to request the removal of an item, we have a ‘Take-down Policy’ in place. To make such a request, contact us and include the following details: your name, the name of the OER, the specific material within the OER and details of your complaint. This Take-down Policy is adapted from ‘OER Put-up and Take-down Guidelines‘ by the OTTER Project.

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