Educational experiences of young people with sickle cell 3


Image: Professor Simon Dyson Lecture 3 on Educational Experiences of Young People
Creative Commons BY SA.

Author:       Professor Simon Dyson

Level:          Undergrad. social sciences & healthcare; postgrad. education & healthcare professionals.

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OER Description:

The school experiences of young people with sickle cell and thalassaemia are not well understood in the UK and ill-researched. In an ESRC-funded programme of research, Professor Simon Dyson and a team of researchers examined these experiences in order to provide recommendations to schools and to inform policy to protect and support these children. Important aspects uncovered in the research include the need to provide children with a risk-free environment which takes into account the prevention of infections, avoidance of the cold, good access to drinks and regular toilet breaks and avoiding exercise.

The outputs of his research can be found in a number of lectures and publications. Six lectures can be found on this site available as narrated presentations, slide copies and as podcasts.

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