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Genetics resources

Image: Ideogram explaining genetic notation by Viv Rolfe.
Creative Commons BY SA.

Content Author:                                MCQ Authors:

Dr Mark Fowler                                                    Malgorzata Rekas, Libor Hurt


Undergraduate bioscience

OER Features:

Animation series introducing genetics concepts

Animation series on the genetics of alpha globin

Animation series on the genetics of beta globin

Multiple choice questions accompanying the three resources

OER Description:

These OERs are in the form of Flash animations published as SWF files and MP4 videos. They are bundled into complete learning resources and are complete with narrations. The quiz file contains 36 multiple choice questions and answers accompanying the resources.

The first is an introduction to genetics concepts from a basic understanding of DNA and chromosomes to genetic mutations. It provides a background before moving onto the animations that describe the genetics of haemoglobin alpha and beta mutations, including those mutations associated with sickle cell disease.

Further Resources:

The Virtual Genetics Education Centre, University of Leicester.

Cell Division Resource. University of Nottingham.

Mitosis Resource. University of Nottingham.

Meiosis Resource. University of Nottingham.

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