Haematology open educational resources

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Haematology open educational resources

Image: Blood smear from sickle cell patient.
Creative Commons BY SA.


Keith Chambers, Leicester Royal Infirmary


Undergraduate bioscience, postgraduate science

OER Features:

Healthy adult blood smears


Neonatal blood smears

Sickle cell smears

Images available via Picassa

OER Description:

These haematology open educational resources are images in the form of JPEGs and PNG files comprising of 20 photographs of blood smears for educational use. The pictures were kindly given with permission from the Leicester Royal Infirmary Department of Pathology, and a big thank you to Keith Chambers for working on this part of the project.

The image sets include blood smears from a healthy adult, blood smears from a neonate and smears of sickle cell disease.

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