Hospital experiences of patients with sickle cell anaemia


CC BY SA James Elander, University of Derby

Author: Professor James Eland

Level: Undergraduate / postgraduate healthcare professionals and social scientists.


OER Features:

Lecture 1 Patient experience of pain management in hospitals

Lecture 2 Painkiller addiction and pseudo addiction

Lecture 3 Perceptions of hospital staff


OER Description:

Three narrated presentations highlighting the work of Professor James Elander, University of Derby. The research details investigations into the management of pain in sickle cell anaemia patients when admitted to hospital. The research is revealing, not only around the notion of painkiller addiction and pseudo addiction; a patient may appear to have addictive characteristics, but these are within the range of patient behaviours associated with the condition. The impact is that the perceptions of hospital staff when treating patients may cloud judgement and lead to poor management and care for the patient’s pain.

These are three outstanding lectures by Professor Elander, and he concludes that much more research is needed to understand the requirements that patients have not just with sickle cell disease but other chronic painful conditions.


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