Sickle Cell Disorders – Guide for Schools

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Nigerian English Guide for SchoolsSickle Cell Presentation

Guide for schools – available in English, Nigerian and other languages.


Professor Simon Dyson


Professional, general public, schools and colleges

OER Features:

This open educational resource (OER) is a presentation by Prof. Dyson describing his guide to school policy on sickle cell disease. The presentation is in multiple-formats so that the guide can be disseminated as widely as possible.

OER Description:

We released the “guide to school policy” back in 2011 and since then Prof. Dyson has arranged for the guide to be translated into a number of Nigerian languages. The guide is based on the research led by Prof. Dyson at De Montfort University and also involving York and Loughborough Universities. The research examined school children’s experiences of having sickle cell and thalassaemia, and puts clear measures in place for schools and local authorities to provide better support for these individuals.

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Sickle Cell Presentation




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