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Image: School Health and Safety Guide by Professor Simon Dyson
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Professor Simon Dyson


Undergraduate social sciences and healthcare, postgraduate education and healthcare professionals.

OER Features:

Professor Dyson’s Guide for Schools translated into Nigerian English.

SCOOTEROER25b_School Policy_Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia_V1 (Guide for Schools, English Version)

Editable Nigerian English version (Word Document)

Ready for use Nigerian English version (PDF)

OER Description:

This booklet has been produced based on research examining the experiences of young people with sickle cell disease in schools. It is a translation into Nigerian English based on a previously published version (Guide for Schools). An important part of school inclusiveness is recognising the importance of offering care to young people with long-standing illness, particularly since a major part of childhood is spent in attending school. The Nigerian School Health Policy of November 2006 calls for adequate resources and programmes that promote the physical, mental, safety and social well being of all categories of school children generally

This guide was a result of a project funded by the UK Economic & Social Research Council and conducted between De Montfort University, and universities of York and Loughborough.

We would like to thank the following for developing the Nigerian versions of the school policy guide:

Bola Ojo, Naomi Maiguwa, Jonah Lah, Dr Baba Inusa, Comfort Okolo and Professor Elizabeth Anionwu.

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