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Images: School Health and Safety Guide by Professor Simon Dyson
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Professor Simon Dyson


Undergraduate social sciences and healthcare; postgraduate education and healthcare professionals.

OER Features:

SCOOTEROER25b_School Policy_Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia_V1 (Guide for schools; PDF)

SCOOTEROER25a_School Policy_Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia_V1 (Editable guide for schools; WORD)

SCOOTEROER24a_ESRC_Report (Funding body report on education of young people with sickle cell disease; WORD)

SCOOTEROER24b_ESRC_Report  (Funding body report on education of young people with sickle cell disease; PDF)


OER Description:

These open educational resources are perhaps some of our most important. They are the result of a research project funded by the UK Economic & Social Research Council and conducted between De Montfort University, University of York and Loughborough University. The first report provides some essential background information to sickle cell disease, which is a complex condition with symptoms ranging from stroke, silent stroke, chronic pain and acute painful crises.

This research project explored how young people are treated in schools, and as a result, a help guide has been produced which many schools are now using and have adapted to provide support and better care of sickle suffers in their education setting.

NOTE Professor Simon Dyson’s Guide for Schools has now been translated into a number of languages:

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