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OER Production Pipeline (gif)

SCOOTEROER6_OER_Production_Flow_Diagram_20Jan11 (direct link to HTML interactive version)
OER Description:

These are a series of OERs on how to produce good quality learning resources for release as open content, and they include a flow diagram of everything that you need to consider from start to finish. The flow diagram helps you consider copyright and technical aspects of working with new and existing content, and how to work with material that may belong to external parties and third parties.

The resources include a number of Jisc permissions forms that you will need to complete to gain copyright and recording permission and also very useful resource creation checklists from the RLO CETL (Nottingham, Cambridge and London Metropolitan University). (The above HYPERLINKS will take you through to where you can download these forms and specifications for your own use).

Further Reading:

JISC and HEA OER InfoKit (2012). Available at: https://openeducationalresources.pbworks.com/w/page/24836480/Home
This website provides everything you need to know about OER including managerial, legal and technical aspects of using other people’s OERs and releasing your own onto the internet.

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