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OER Pipeline by Viv Rolfe. Creative Commons BY SA

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Dr Vivien Rolfe                                          OER community

OER Features:

What is Posterous?

How to use Posterous for Easy Social Networking?

Example of a Posterous Network in Action

OER Description: is an online service for sharing information easily and profusely online. Setting up a Posterous network starts by the user setting up a number of online accounts for the services they choose – for example Twitter, Facebook and blogging spaces. Once these accounts are linked to Posterous, with a single email message, any news or details of an open educational resource can be fired off to all the accounts in one easy step. If these messages contain the URL to a resource or website, it is a very effective way of directing traffic to your site, or creating a back link.

These three short screen casts were produced by Viv for the OER11 Conference in Cambridge 2011 where she talked about the impact of Posterous in sharing educational materials and networking with communities.

These resources are available on YouTube and were produced for free using This is another free and excellent service for recording short screen casts – i.e. when you might want to capture what is on your PC screen and record a narration. Screenr is very simple to use and will record 5 minutes of resource at one time. These can be distributed to Twitter or downloaded as MP4 files.

Further Reading:

JISC and HEA OER InfoKit (2012). Available at:

This website provides everything you need to know about OER including managerial, legal and technical aspects of using other people’s OERs and releasing your own onto the internet.

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