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The following are websites that we would recommend relating to this sickle cell open education project.

Sickle cell education and awareness

Sickle cell education at De Montfort University. Further research and educational resources from Professor Simon Dyson’s group at De Montfort. Simon explains how sickle cell is a collective name for a group of inherited blood conditions that affect people in equatorial regions. With better healthcare and screening the outcomes for babies and children living with the condition are improving all the time, but with that, much more work is needed to understand the experiences of young people in education and work. Professor Dyson’s programme of research very much focuses on this.

Professor James Elander’s Group at University of Derby. We were very fortunate to have Professor Elander contributing to some of our open education project, and James’s research explores management of pain, and perceptions of patients in clinical settings. References and further reading can be found on his University of Derby staff page.

The Sickle Cell Society are a fantastic charitable organisation with the focus of providing information and support for people affected by sickle cell disorders, and also provide help for families and carers.

OSCAR centres e.g. OSCAR Bristol are a number of regional centres aimed at raising awareness of sickle cell and thalassaemia conditions, which are common disorders of the blood. The OSCAR centres work alongside local authorities to improve the quality of life for individuals and their families.


Open education and global open education movement

Globally, education institutions started to ‘open’ their doors – share learning materials, share practices and to build communities of practice, way back in 2000. The UK ‘Open Educational Resource’ programme was funded between 2009 and 2012, and here are some links arising from the amazing work led by Jisc and the Higher Education Academy.

Open Educational Resource (OER) InfoKit – everything you need to know to find and share educational materials, including case studies and details of how to influence your university managers.

Biology Courses – a sister-project at De Montfort sharing resources from STEM subjects including biomedical science, forensic science and midwifery.

VAL! Virtual Analytical Laboratory – our first open educational resource project at De Montfort sharing basic lab skills resources.

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