DS106 Round Up – Stuff So Far!

DS106 Round UP

I was just wondering what I did with my life before DS106.

“Cleaning” my other-half kindly said.
“A great deal more than that” I confessed, “shopping, washing, dog walking….”

On one end of the spectrum DS106 is a lovely way to fill in the odd five minutes, and on the other hand it can occupy an evening as an important de-stressor from the traumas of the day. I know I haven’t participated fully, but I’ve tried to learn something new every time 🙂 And really, I do have a complete doll-phobia. #nightmares.

Well here is a tally of all that stuff:

Animated GIFS

Learnt this from scratch using MPEG Stream clip and Fireworks with HUGE satisfaction.

FOUR in total.
One unpublishable because it wasn’t very good (oh not another pet running backwards down the stairs, yawn). One unpublishable because it incriminated other-half drinking a jugs full of ale. One because it contained inappropriate (but hilarious) material concerning an elephant. Was quite happy with celebrating “Ms Florrie Ford” in animated gif-dom.

Photographs on Flickr

Mostly played around with in Fireworks – I know Photoshop would give me more choices, but I like what Fireworks does in a very simple manner.

SIX photos to date.

Totally unable to find a WP plugin to display a Flickr gallery, but there you are. Quite like the big baby-me crawling around Vancouver (2012) where I first met some of the DS106-ers.

View the rest, on my “Daily Create Set”.

Musical and sound productions

THREE in total.

Home turf here with anything vaguely noise related. I loved Christina’s ikkle scary Spaceman from Twilight Zone….he looked so funky. I got him “Moovin’ and a Groovin’ “.

The assignment “Where Are You?” was one of my favourites, although somewhat mis-interpreted. But much fun. Very sorry to see that one of those depicted has been jailed on indecent assault, but he is still one of my heroes, and don’t start me on that one.

Spikie the dog doesn’t let me record anything these days without joining in, and in retaliation to a DS106 post about cats, and whilst trying to complete a Coursera MOOC jazz assignment, Spike gratuitously complained and and tried to explain something about the lack of MOOC pedagogy. Here is his interpretation of “The Pedagogy Blues”.

Radio production

Just the ONE!

Very proud to have introduced some of the DS106 crowd to Goon-type activities – a spontaneous, beer and custard-fuelled radio production. No donkey’s were harmed in the making of this production. Beer has a strange effect of moving piano keys from under your fingers. Clarinets can cause hernias. I loved the end result – one of the most amazing achievements I have ever experienced, and a privilege and joy to work alongside DS106 old-hand Messers Kernohan.

“Who Threw that Custard?” This was a reference to comedy genius Spike Milligan, and more information regarding the Goons will follow and some of the history of radio “sound comedy” will follow.


TWO offerings.

I am a scientist. I haven’t written a poem since primary school probably – some, ahem, 30 years or so ago, so the pleasure of writing a poem again was immense.

Spaced Out (Poem about one Twilight character to another, well, not quite, but I do love the Spaceman…….)

Oh spaceman from another planet.
You’ve come to save the Earth goddammit.
Yet they meet you with no gentility.
Wielding spoons with such hostility.
You only want to be our friend.
Oh will your broken antenna mend?

I have loved you from afar.
While you travel ‘twixt and ‘tween a distant star.
I wonder if you will ever be mine,
And if our bodies will entwine?
My feelings grow strong and ever intenser.
Will I ever be picked up by your sensor?

Come to me by sky and road,
Touch me longingly with your electrode.
Take me in your metal arms,
Woo me with your aluminium charms.
Whisper sweet nothings when I sleep,
Beep – bee-bee-beeep beep bee-eeep.

Bra that lauched a thousand days. (A poem about a mundane item of clothing. I suddenly got caught up in all it represented – beautiful and hateful).

Oh piercing wire, with clasps and lace.
Digs my flesh and does deface
With sores and grooves.
I tolerate you with good grace,
And go about my daily life
With a smile upon my face.

You perpetrator of inequality
The work success that was defied me
That interview.
My eyes he never did see.
Your clasps and chains
That shaped and betrayed me.

Yet there were tales to behold!
If you could speak and stories told
Of romance and intrigue and wild affairs.
Involving diamonds and gold!
You illustrious goddess
Of new tales yet to unfold.

Oh ancient garment.
You should into the rubbish be thrown.
But we have travelled too far,
And together grown.
And new clasps I have sown.
The bra that launched ten thousand days.

Video productions


Probably my most difficult medium because I can’t get the video software to work on the MAC yet and I’m going back to Pinnacle that I know and love on the PC. Well this Daily Create cheered up a dull and depressing Saturday! Chas n Dave – something else the DS106-ers need to be educated on. The good old English knees-up – part of our heritage. The idea was to lip-synch and place the video on YouTube. I was looking at the lyrics on my MAC and recording the video on iPad. Naturally I chose the most difficult song I could think of, the legendary “Sideboard Song”.

“The Sideboard Song. Yey”.

Twilight Zone – inspired by the lovely literary Henry Bemis in “Time Enough at Last” provoking the really lovely question, if we had the time, what would we really do. Just loved this living room scene. Oooo this was so tricky – sound was recorded in Garage Band. Video was downloaded and edited in Pinnacle on the PC. But then you try and synch the two!!! Even after several attempts, it was clear the software was going to do it’s own strange stuff. But I quite liked the “not quite synching” effect, and the strange appearance of Yukelelelelele references toward the end. Imported images for titles and scary credits were done in Fireworks.

“Twilight Zone in My House”.

Well that completes my DS106 round-up!

I have learned so much already.
I have networked with amazing and inspirational people.
I have learned so much about the possibilities of education.

And another thing,

I make that 18 pieces of so-called “course work”. I will not be graded for any of them. BUT THAT DOESN”T BLOODY WELL MATTER!!! I wish I could convey this to my students that learning and education is not about GRADES but about PARTICIPATION, DIALOGUE and LEARNING.

And finally, no, really this time,

Well, I know you wanted to see that animated GIF about the elephant.

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