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Supporting Young People with Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia in School

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 Guide for Schools Cover

Images: Education and Health Guide by Professor Simon Dyson
CC BY-SA 4.0

Main Content Author:

Professor Simon Dyson


Undergraduate social sciences and healthcare; postgraduate education and healthcare professionals.

OER Features (2 components):

SCOOTEROER112b_Simon Dyson Guide for Schools_V2_June 2016 (PDF)

SCOOTEROER112a_Simon Dyson Guide for Schools_V2_June 2016 (Editable Word Document)


OER Description:

We are delighted to share an updated version of the very popular guide for schools. This guide to policy, background information and useful checklists, provides essential guidance for teachers and tutors on how to support children with sickle cell and thalassaemia in their studies. This version 2 is an update to a previous document shared in February 2011.

Subsequently, this version was translated into Portuguese and Nigerian dialects, and you can browse this collection of resources, and the research associated with it, on our search page.

All of these resources are available for you to use in your own school or college. They are licensed for re-use and sharing under a Creative Commons License. All we ask is that you fully attribute Professor Dyson and this website, and should you wish to share your work back, do contact the project director Dr Vivien Rolfe by Twitter. @vivienrolfe.

Here is how you attribute the work (like providing a citation or acknowledgement).

Creative Commons License
School Policy for Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia by Professor Simon Dyson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.



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Sickle Cell Disorders – Guide for Schools

Hear full narrated talk by Professor Simon Dyson about the “guide for schools” by opening this new HTML page


Nigerian English Guide for SchoolsSickle Cell Presentation

Guide for schools – available in English, Nigerian and other languages.


Professor Simon Dyson


Professional, general public, schools and colleges

OER Features:

This open educational resource (OER) is a presentation by Prof. Dyson describing his guide to school policy on sickle cell disease. The presentation is in multiple-formats so that the guide can be disseminated as widely as possible.

OER Description:

We released the “guide to school policy” back in 2011 and since then Prof. Dyson has arranged for the guide to be translated into a number of Nigerian languages. The guide is based on the research led by Prof. Dyson at De Montfort University and also involving York and Loughborough Universities. The research examined school children’s experiences of having sickle cell and thalassaemia, and puts clear measures in place for schools and local authorities to provide better support for these individuals.

View slides on Slideshare

Download PPT slides


Click on the picture below to listen to the talk now!

Sickle Cell Presentation




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Educational experiences of young people with sickle cell disease 1


Image: Professor Simon Dyson Lecture 1 on Educational Experiences of Young People
Creative Commons BY SA.

Author:       Professor Simon Dyson

Level:          Undergrad. social sciences & healthcare; postgrad. education & healthcare professionals.

OER Lecture Series:

Lecture 1
Lecture 2
Lecture 3
Lecture 4
Lecture 5
Lecture 6


OER Features:

SCOOTEROER30d_SCED1_LiteratureReview (PDF of presentation slides)

Click here to view as a narrated Powerpoint presentation
(will open the resource in a new browser window)
(URL http://www.sicklecellanaemia.org/teaching-resources/resources/scooter30-35/SCOOTEROER30_SCED1_LiteratureReview/player.html)

OER Description:

The school experiences of young people with sickle cell and thalassaemia are not well understood in the UK and ill-researched. In an ESRC-funded programme of research, Professor Simon Dyson at De Montfort University looked into a number of themes:

  • How is the medical care of children managed in schools?
  • How does sickle effect attendance and the overall school experience and achievement?
  • How does education policy meet the needs of children?

Professor Dyson’s research has been applied to inform policy and generate an educational guide for schools which can be found on this website. The guide has been translated into four Nigerian dialects subsequently. Important aspects uncovered in the research include the need to provide children with a risk-free environment which takes into account the prevention of infections, avoidance of the cold, good access to drinks and regular toilet breaks and avoiding exercise.

The outputs of his research can be found in a number of lectures and publications. Six lectures can be found on this site available as narrated presentations, slide copies and as podcasts.

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